Become a Member (855) 830-5766
Become a Member (855) 830-5766

1. Member Contribution

Send your contribution to Trinity. Each member’s monthly share is placed in their own “ShareBox“ until it is matched to another member’s eligible bills.

3. Visit Network Doctor

Call Trinity’s Concierge Service for all appointments. When you visit a provider, show your member ID at time of service. Your doctor should recognize the network.

4. Doctor Submits Bill

Your doctor sends the bill electronically to Trinity HealthShare or its third party administrator. An analysis is performed.

5. We Share Bill

Everyone shares in the cost. Members contribute from their “ShareBox” to your secure online “ShareBox” account.

6. Payments To Doctors

Doctors and hospitals are paid. Trinity HealthShare pays the shareable amount of medical bills to your healthcare providers. But it will not pay inflated rates.