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Sharing the Cost of Healthcare Among Like-Minded People

The cost of traditional medical plans continues to rise, even as the quality and quantity of healthcare services they offer decreases. For those looking for an alternative, Trinity HealthShare offers affordable options that meet a wide variety of healthcare needs.

Trinity HealthShare

Healthcare based upon sharing

Medical cost-sharing organizations believe in “individual responsibility for health and helping others in need.” Members of this program type recognize a common religious or ethical belief (or both) and require participants to sign a Statement of Beliefs agreeing with the organization’s core tenants. Then, members help each other satisfy the cost of eligible medical expenses.

How healthcare sharing organizations differ from traditional medical plans

Members of healthcare sharing organizations take control of their healthcare and make decisions to keep themselves healthy. They often sign agreements stating they will abstain from drinking, smoking, drugs and behaviors that will cause harm to themselves. Monthly share amounts are far lower than premiums for traditional medical plans, as members choose to live healthier, more responsible lifestyles.

How Trinity HealthShare’s medical cost sharing works

With medical cost sharing programs from Trinity, members send their monthly contributions. These contributions are deposited into the member’s sharebox, waiting to be matched to another member’s eligible medical expenses. Members submit share requests when they visit the doctor or incur an eligible medical expense. All requests are reviewed to ensure they are reasonable, appropriate discounts are applied, and then the money transfers between other members’ shareboxes to pay the bill.

Trinity HealthShare gives members access to complete healthcare at a reasonable cost, thanks to cost sharing. Programs offer have low monthly share amounts, allowing members to set aside the comparative savings to pay their MSRA—the amount each member (or family) must pay out of pocket toward medical needs before their request for assistance will be published to the other members of the ministry for sharing. Members realize additional savings with telemedicine and prescription discount programs. They can speak with a doctor by phone or chat 24/7 without cost and save an average of 55% on prescription medications and diabetic testing supplies at retail pharmacies.

For those who desire to take control of their healthcare, medical cost sharing may be exactly what is needed. Through a commitment to caring for others, individual responsibility and healthy living, members are able to access affordable healthcare that meets their needs.

Some other names for healthcare cost sharing

Healthcare cost sharing organizations may be referred to by a number of different names including medical cost-sharing programs, Christian medical cost sharing, health cost sharing, and healthcare cost-sharing programs.