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Love-Thy-Neighbor Referral Sign-Up

Our Love-Thy-Neighbor program is open to anyone, whether you’re a current member, past member or have never been a member! Trinity HealthShare would like to reward others for expanding our community by giving away a $75 referral gift once a new member or new household pays their first monthly contribution.

To receive $75, complete the form and receive your unique code to receive credit for your referral.

Receive a Trinity HealthShare VISA gift card once new members enroll and pay their first month’s contribution!

Step 1
Step 1 – Sign-up and receive your custom referral link.
Step 2
Step 2 – Once sign-up is complete, your custom referral link will be generated and displayed on this page.
Step 3
Step 3 – Copy and paste this link to your social media with a description of Trinity HealthShare or send an email to family and friends with the pre-filled template email found here.
Step 4
Step 4 – Once your referred family or friend joins our community and pays their first month’s contribution, you’ll receive a VISA gift card to the address on file during sign-up.
Step 5
Step 5 – Receive as many $75 VISA gift cards as possible! There is not a maximum number of VISA gift cards you can receive.

This can take up to 30 days due to our refund policy.

Receive a 75 Dollar VISA Gift Card!

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