Become a Member (855) 830-5766
Become a Member (855) 830-5766

Low-cost alternative dental plan for individuals and families who want total medical healthcare

Regardless of your lifestyle or budget, dental cost sharing with Trinity HealthShare provides you the offerings you need to maintain and improve overall dental health. With the Trinity Dental Care plan, members receive a $2,000 annual maximum for each person in their plan that is eligible for cost sharing, and the application fee is only $30.

Through our nationwide network of over 200,000 dental access points, members enjoy lower out-of-pocket costs for dental care services. Even if some services are not eligible for cost sharing in your plan, they may still be eligible for in-network discounts from other providers.

Combining Trinity Dental Care with Trinity Vision Care allows members to save an additional 5% on their total monthly rate. This comes out to over $100 in annual savings for combined family level plans.


Download the Dental Brochure

Download the brochure

Services & Memberships

Members can rest easy knowing the Trinity Dental Care plan includes cost sharing for all the dental services they need at a price that’s affordable.

  • Preventative services and routine exams
  • Bitewing and full mouth / panoramic x-rays
  • Children's services
  • Flouride treatments and sealants
  • Adjunctive pre-diagnostic oral cancer screening (ages 40+)
  • Simple extractions and restorative services (fillings)
  • Emergency treatment and oral surgery
  • Repair of crown, denture, or bridge
  • Periodontics and endodontics

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Program Options

Trinity Dental CareAges 18-50

Programs starting from: $44.95

Trinity Dental CareAges 51-64

Programs starting from: $52.90

*All of the Trinity HealthShare plans for individuals and families are supported and are part of a healthcare sharing ministry.