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When it comes to the health of your loved ones, it’s good to have options

The PrimaCare program is specifically designed to provide individuals and families with the quality health care essentials they need at a price they can afford. PrimaCare has two tiers of health care sharing that help members achieve an optimal level of wellness without duplicating services they may already be receiving with other programs.


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Program Options


PrimaCare's basic program is best-suited for those who are generally healthy, do not have chronic conditions that require ongoing care, and make infrequent visits to their primary care physician. THIS IS NOT AN INSURANCE PRODUCT.

Programs starting from: $109

PrimaCare Premium

PrimaCare's Premium program offers cost sharing for those who make regular visits to a primary care doctor, or require maintenance of chronic conditions at a primary care physician. THIS IS NOT AN INSURANCE PRODUCT.

Programs starting from: $140

Please refer to program member guides for specific details about contributions, expenses eligible for sharing per program, limitations, exclusions and requirements for sharing eligibility.

Trinity HealthShare (Trinity) is a Health Care Sharing Ministry (HCSM), not an insurance company, and does not offer any insurance products or policies. As such, Trinity does not assume any risk for medical expenses and makes no promise to pay. Trinity offers voluntary participation in its HCSM programs, which are not governed by insurance laws.

Trinity does not provide a promise to pay or any guarantee of payment for medical expenses. Since Trinity does not assume the member’s risk, the member is responsible for payment of his/her medical bills. Trinity does not guarantee that medical expenses will be shared by other members who utilize the health care sharing services provided by Trinity.