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Why January is an Important Time to Give Blood

January is National Blood Donor Month, a critical time when the American Red Cross and other organizations strive to increase awareness of the need for blood in local communities. Blood donations tend to drop off during the winter, but the need often increases at this time due ...
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How to Eat Healthy on a Budget

For those of us who may have splurged on holiday shopping or extravagant meals with friends and family, it’s time to tighten our belts! Fortunately, eating healthy and saving money can go hand in hand. Here are a few ideas for getting your diet—and your budget—back on ...
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How to Help Older Adults Reduce Their Risk of Falling

When going out in the snow or icy weather, it's natural to be concerned about slips and falls. But did you know that for older adults, most falls occur indoors? Although age-related factors such as poor eyesight, weakened muscles and taking certain medications may increase the risk ...
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Tips for Coping with Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)

As the days grow shorter and colder, we may find ourselves a bit down. But for some people, the winter months can bring on debilitating sadness, lethargy and loneliness. Approximately 10 million adults in the United States are affected by seasonal affective disorder (SAD), a type of ...
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Inspiring Ways to Celebrate Giving Tuesday

Giving Tuesday is a global event that celebrates charitable giving and takes place on the Tuesday after Thanksgiving. It’s the perfect time to donate to your favorite cause or participate in a community event! This year, Giving Tuesday is December 3, 2019. Here are several inspiring ways ...
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