(ATLANTA) – Trinity HealthShare, a 501(c)(3) non-profit health care sharing ministry (HCSM), is pleased to announce that Rev. Dr. Howard S. Russell has agreed to join Trinity as a consultant. Dr. Russell brings to Trinity his commitment to non-profit service, and his extensive expertise in non-profit management, 501(c)(3) governance, and HCSM operations.

Dr. Russell came to health care sharing as a member many years ago, and in 1999, walked further on his path with God by joining the Board of Christian Healthcare Ministries (CHM), a national 501(c)(3) non-profit HCSM. In November 2001, he was honored to be named CEO of CHM. With his steady leadership and guidance through a successful reorganization, CHM was able to enhance the service it provided to its members, and ultimately became the largest and most successful HCSM in the United States, and the largest non-profit organization in the state of Ohio. Due to his experience and positive relationships with department of insurance officials, CHM has avoided many of the regulatory challenges faced by other HCSMs.

Dr. Russell’s most important qualification is that he is the servant of the Most High God. He is committed to serving God by serving people.

“Trinity is pleased to have the benefit of Dr. Russell’s experience, leadership, and guidance as we, through God’s guidance, bring together people of a common set of religious beliefs in order to share in one another’s medical expense burdens and so fulfill the law of Christ,” said Trinity HealthShare President Joe Guarino.  “We are honored that Dr. Russell has joined the Trinity family.”

About Trinity HealthShare

Trinity HealthShare is a 501(c)(3) non-profit health care sharing ministry built on the centuries-old Christian tradition of sharing and bearing one another’s health care needs. Our members hold a common set of religious beliefs, and voluntarily agree to share their medical expenses in accordance with those beliefs. Our sharing programs are designed to simplify the complexities of health care, while putting the power of choice back in the hands of our members. In 2019, Trinity members shared $60 million in medical expenses. For more information, visit www.trinityhealthshare.org.


Joe Guarino, President
Trinity Healthshare, Inc.